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Engagement Pictures at Magnolia Plantation

The Charleston, SC summer heat came early this year, and we went weeks without a single drop of rain to cool us off. June was unseasonably hot, even for the locals, so we decided to meet at Magnolia Plantation in the evening, in hopes of avoiding the brutal Southern heat.  But, as anyone who's spent a few summers in Charleston can tell you, thunderstorms tend to pop up rather suddenly after a long hot day. The sky was black, the temperature had dropped about fifteen degrees, and a torrential rainstorm seemed all but certain as I pulled into the Magnolia Plantation parking lot to meet this lovely couple.

A few sprinkles fell on us as we checked our radar apps, and debated whether we should reschedule or take a chance on getting drenched.  We decided to go for it.  Somehow, we managed to avoid any substantial precipitation during the session. It turned out to be the most comfortable weather any of us had felt in months!  

We ran all around Magnolia Plantation, trying to get as many different shots as we could before the sky fell down on us. Honestly, I think the crazy weather made the whole photo shoot more fun, and it brought out the creativity in all of us. Sessions like this one hardly feel like work at all.  I always love meeting new people, especially when they are laid back and fun like this couple.  You can see a bit of their personalities in these fun engagement pictures--I'm a fan of the boots, personally.

I am looking forward to photographing this happy couple's wedding next year, also at Magnolia Plantation.  They will get married at The Carriage House, which is one of the most beautiful wedding venues anywhere in Charleston, SC.  All the photos from this session were taken within five minutes walking distance from The Carriage House, but there are many more beautiful spots close by that we didn't get to.  If you are looking for a venue in Charleston, SC, I highly recommend  Magnolia Plantation.  You will get a ton of stunning pictures because of the sheer beauty of the Plantation, but also because there are so many places to take pictures within close proximity to your ceremony and reception sites. 

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